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Brian and BarklyLocally owned and operated since 1999, Brian Kucaba, his dog Barkly, and the Lowcountry Mulch staff have worked hard to build lasting relationships with all of their commercial and residential customers by providing outstanding service and quality products.

"I am very grateful to my staff and most of all to my loyal customers for making Lowcountry Mulch the best and most trusted mulch company in the lowcountry."

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Spring Mulching Tips

  • Mulching has many benefits. It can provide nutrients for plants, lock in moisture, form a barrier against weeds and help insulate the roots of vulnerable plants from summer heat.
  • Mulches can also be used for decorating the tops of pots and planters.
  • The best time to mulch entire beds or borders is in early spring. This will trap in moisture from wet weather and ensure beds don’t dry out quickly in the heat of summer. Mulch reduces soil temperature as much as 10 degrees — enough to make a difference between supporting or killing tiny feeder roots near the surface.
  • Don't keep adding to the top of the pile each year, as this can cause rot, disease, and insect problems at the base.
  • Apply mulch 2" to 5" deep - after clearing grass and weeds and cultivating the soil.
  • Mulch applied around your trees each year reduces water stress, weeds, and damage to trees.
  • Mulch every year as part of your yard maintenance plan for good plant and yard health.
  • Combine mulching with time-tested techniques like core aeration and proper fertilization to keep your lawn healthy and happy for years.



We are conveniently located 1135 Highway 41 - behind the KFC and Sonic.

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